EarthDawn E3

Liam's Book

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Getting Ready

The story begins with a group of nobodies, doing what we all do in the kaer: working, surviving, and hoping for a brighter future. But these nobodies were special, little did they know that they had been chosen or voluteered for a journey that only few are asked to go on and fewer that come back from.
Each of us were told to meet the council at a given date and were told we needed to be ready to depart. I am sure you are all wondering, how does one prepare to journey to the outside world? Do you rely on the teachings of the Book of Tomorrow or do you just prepare for the worst? I can’t speak for the others, but I prepared for the worst under the guidence of one who has been outside and lives to tell the tale. So I bought everything I could afford, and hoped it was enough. Come the day to meet the council, they told us of our mission and answered the question we all had on our minds. How do we get out?



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