EarthDawn E3

Liam's Book

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - The Hard Part

To get out the kaer is no easy thing, appartently there is a huge horror at the main entrance, so the only option is to teleport to a certain location(which we were not told). To do this requires a great deal of magic from multiple different schools, one to create a device to allow you into a different plane know as the astral plane (librarians note: from interviewing Liam, we don’t believe it was the actual astral plane, but one similar in nature, as he describes objects, where the astral plane only has patterns.) and a second to open the path for you. Now this is not a market path lined with lovely stone roads and foutains, no this path is a path of pain, torement and blades. I do not know why anyone would create such a thing, but I can only assume it is to keep things out. So if going into a different plane of existances, that I swear is all outlined in red for some god awful reason, is not enough; we had to walk the whole way thru a path of blades. A smart man would ask why not just go off the path and avoid the blades, according to the concell that man would be a dead man but how he died was not told to us. After what seemed like eternty, we finally made it out in one piece and only minor cuts. What we saw on the other side would go against everything we learned and read.



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