House Rules


Journals are immensely important in Earthdawn. Stories and songs are the primary way your personal legend is kept alive. I will be giving Legend Point awards (50 LP X your current Circle) for physical journals you give me. In this system, it’s not enough for you to say “My character writes that down in their journal.” This also goes for getting Legend Points for turning in your journal at Throal or another repository. If you don’t have one, your character doesn’t either.


Whenever a character interacts with a horror or horror magic, they risk becoming tainted. This risk is even more prominent if the character is severely wounded or marked by a horror, or is otherwise forced to endure extended horror magic or influence.

Taint typically manifests as some sort of visual dis-figuration: scarred skin, nasty blemishes, strange patterns that are unnerving to look at. More severe cases can include things like scales or strange growths. Taint sometimes affects the character in other ways: they might irritate presence, cause small plants to wilt, hear whispers everywhere, or see only in monochrome. Extreme taint can mutate the victim in nastier ways.

Though most Namegivers understand that taint merely signifies exposure to a horror and is not the same as corruption (subservience to the horrors), sign of taint is often enough to make them wary of strangers. Since the corrupted also manifest taint, many will err on the side of caution and assume anyone showing taint is corrupted. In game terms, signs of taint may inflict social test modifiers or may automatically affect an NPC’s attitudes towards the character.

Characters should note what signs of taint they possess that are visible to others, and keep careful track of all taint they have been inflicted with.

Durability as a Discipline Talent

Under current ED3 rules, Durability is a Talent Option. I feel this limits progress of a character since Durability is the main way to increase your character’s health points. A player should not have to decide between Durability and another talent, and most players seem to automatically take Durability as a no brainer who don’t have this house rule.

Many gamemasters of ED3, as evidenced in the forums, have simply added Durability as a Discipline Talent making it so your character can obtain 3 talents at Circle 2 instead of the previous limit of 2. We will be following this same approach in our game. Each Circle afterwards will still only be limited to 2 new talents (1 Discipline and 1 Talent Option).

Aligning Talents and Skills

(see pg. 240 Player’s Guide)
Characters who have spent Legend Points, time and money into advancing their skills should be considered at an advantage if they’d like to take the Talent Equivalent (if and when available to them). If a talent is presented to a character who already has the skill for the same talent, they can take that talent and align it with their skills according to the rules for Aligning Talents and Skills on pg. 240 of the Player’s Guide.

House Rules

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