(this is the common knowledge that everyone has)
The layout of the Kaer that you are all stuck in/Call home:

The Kaer closed in 1046 TH
The Kaer is divided up into the four levels, and The Mines.

The top level has one medium sized cavern roughly 50 feet in diameter known as the Council Chamber. This is where the Council of Nine meet to discuss regulations/changes for the Kaer as a whole(though the residence leaders, if they are not a council member, are allowed to sit in and give their opinion at the meetings). There are six known entrances to this room. One from each residence, leading via dug tunnel, and protected by magic, to the chamber. There are no other known entrances.

The second level has four Large CavernsResidence 1,Residence 2,Residence 3,Residence 4, roughly 2 miles in diameter each, and 60 feet from floor to ceiling(Which are painted light blue and white to represent the sky). These contain the houses/dorms, Central Residence Library, and Communal Tavern(think cafeteria, and offices) for that residence. The buildings take up the central 2/3 of the cavern. Then just outside the last house is a magical wall of air, which separates the sentient population from the wild beasts (kept under control by the Beastmasters, Archers, and Cavalryman Disciplines). Each outer 1/3rd of the cavern is a different biome of the ecology from the original six villages.
These are the first four Residences. Most of the Magical Disciplines(Wizard, Illusionist, Nethermancer, and Elementalist) live in Residence 2(Biome for Magical creatures), The Martial Disciplines(Beastmaster, Calalryman, Swordmaster, Warrior) live in Residence 3(Biome middle mountain range), and the Other Disciplines(Archer, Thief, Troubadour, Scout) live in Residence 4(Biome Low valley, warm temp).

The third level has one great cavern that is roughly 3.5 miles in diameter, and 100 feet from floor to ceiling(also painted like the sky). This is The Market(The Weaponsmith and newly arrived Merchant Disciplines live here). All of the residences have a large tunnel leading to The Market. This is where all trade and negotiations take place(no trade is allowed in the residences). Each tunnel leading to The Market has a set of guards at its entrance. One needs to either live in the specific residence or have a signed pass to be in them. Many people pass in and out, as the residences are a key point of life in the Kaer. The tunnels can also be closed off by large Metal doors at the beginning and end of each tunnel. These have only ever been closed once. That was during the war nearly 200 years ago. At that time, the quality of life was severely hampered, as each residence cannot fully support itself without the help and cooperation of the other residences.

The bottom level consists of four more residence cavernsResidence 5,Residence 6,Martial Practice Field, and Magical Practice Field, though only two are occupied. The other two are used by the Magic guild and Martial guild respectively for training and dangerous works. These last two do not have biomes or any magical wall of wind set up at all, though the ceilings are painted the same as the other residences.

Leading from one section of The Market’s wall are The Mines. These tunnels are controlled by the miners guild. They are very ridged and precise in their makeup, and layout. This is a well-known section for people who have nothing else to do, to work for HoS tickets.

HoS tickets. Literally stands for Hours of Service. Nothing in the Kaer is free. If you want to eat, rent a bunk, buy a luxury, or have a drink in any of the taverns, you have to work for it. Each Hour of Service you put in with a business, or at the mines, will earn you one HoS. For those that want a coin equivalent, 1 HoS roughly equals 1 copper.

For those looking in the players guide pdf, and wanting to know prices on items, 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold.

You are allowed to earn HoS with backstory and downtime actions between sessions while at this Kaer.

Those with Disciplines are not paid for their work, and are expected to do their duty to the Kaer. In exchange they are given a bunk in a dorm and a set ration of food from the residence tavern they live in.

There are spells in the Kaer, controlled by the illusionist discipline, that show the sun rising and setting on a 24 hour schedule. All residences have the sun rise and set according to their outer biome season. This being said, someone living in one of the lower residences, that has the high mountain biome, might have the sun just starting to rise, then walk to The Market, and see the sun well past the horizon. At the same time, someone else from the lowland biome, might have the sun up much earlier, and set much later, then the mountainous biome. The only change from this is in the mines, where there aren’t any illusions. The miners work on a 36 hour day to accomplish more work in a shorter period.

Because this Kaer is closed, and has been closed for nearly 500 years, everyone inside is xenophobic. Anyone considered to be an “outsider” is anyone who’s Discipline and/or race is not one from when the Kaer was closed. That would include the Disciplines of Air Sailor(there is one Windling who is of this Discipline), SkyRaider(none known), and Merchant(Two known to live in The Market(One of them is of an Unknown race, the other is his step-son an elf)). These “Outsiders” are looked at as non-conformists and, other then the Merchant Discipline, is kept at arm’s length. This xenophobia has started to be combated by the Merchant HuizHong Jiang who shares a tea shop with his elven wife who owns the connected tavern. He is well known for his Honesty and fair price in trade. His step-son Liam though has been rumored to have over-charge clients in the past when his folks left him in charge.


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